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Welcome to the ZCash Faucet of EzFaucets where you get

600 - 1200 Zatoshi every 7 minutes! ◄
(Worth in 0.0005$ - 0.001$ each claim!)

Welcome to EzFaucets

One of the highest paying Faucets is back, but now with the name EzFaucets! (Probably it won't be so long).
Currently we're still paying the same amount of 0.0005$ - 0.001$ on each claim!
Take advatange of the site before we'll be gone again! LOL. Enjoy!

-"EzFaucets Admin"

Thanks for being part of "EzFaucets"!!

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What is ZCash?

Zcash is a cryptocurrency aimed at using cryptography to provide enhanced privacy for its users compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The Zerocoin protocol was improved and transformed into the Zerocash system, which was then developed into the Zcash cryptocurrency in 2016. Development of protocol improvements and the reference implementation is led by the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, colloquially referred to as Zcash Company. The founder and CEO of Zcash Company is Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn. Its founding team includes cryptographer Matthew D. Green from Johns Hopkins University. Roger Ver was one of Zcash Company's initial investors.

Recent Payouts

08-25-2019 5:57:26
1016 zatoshi
08-25-2019 5:42:39
658 zatoshi
08-25-2019 5:22:13
774 zatoshi
08-25-2019 5:12:50
858 zatoshi
08-25-2019 5:06:27
819 zatoshi
08-25-2019 4:56:19
639 zatoshi
08-25-2019 4:54:34
885 zatoshi
08-25-2019 3:17:28
714 zatoshi
08-25-2019 3:01:19
873 zatoshi
08-25-2019 12:14:06
1140 zatoshi
Faucet Balance: 0.01710329 ZEC